AOA CRITERIA FOR Class of 2020

Overall Timeline

National AOA Guidelines

​​The Dean of the School of Medicine or his/her designee identifies a pool of candidates who approximate in number the upper quartile of the class expected to graduate, and who have excelled in the criteria for nomination to AΩA membership—scholastic achievement, professionalism, leadership, community service, and research. The national requirements for AOA mandate that the size of a medical student cohort not exceed 1/6 of the class.

May 10

List of Top 25% of the class available.

Invitations to apply for AOA sent out to all eligible students via e-mail. 

May 31Application due. Email to AOA Coordinator Ms. Sandra Mingo.
Last week of JuneStudent inductees informed of selection

SUNY Downstate College of Medicine - Policy and Procedures


AOA Councilor and AOA Treasurer

3 Clinical Assistant Deans

2 Associate Deans for Student and Diversity Affairs


  • Must be in the top 25% of the class by academic ranking
    • Calculated using the 8 Core Clerkship letter grades (H, HP, P) and weighted by credit hours.


  • ​​Demonstration of unethical or unprofessional behavior
  • Failure in any course
  • Failure on Step-1


Students who meet the above criteria are notified and invited to apply to the AOA Medical Honor Society. Students who wish to apply will complete an application, submit their Curricula Vitae and write a 500 words or less essay expounding on their leadership, service or scholarship. Essay may include a description of any significant personal hardship student had to overcome. 

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION will be evaluated using a point system. Review of applicant materials will be blinded.

A. Academic Achievement (highest points possible=40)

B. USMLE STEP 1 score (highest points possible=20)

C. Applicant Character (highest points possible=30) Including Leadership, Scholarship and Community Service

D. Personal Hardship (additional 10 points max)

A. Academic Achievement

Point system - using G.P.A. calculation of clerkship grades

40 points - If student’s GPA is in the top third of the determined 25%

35 points - If student’s GPA is in 2nd third of the determined 25%

30 points - If student’s GPA is in 3rd third of the determined 25%

B. Step 1 Score

20 points - 255 or above

15 points – 245 - 254

12 points - 245 or less

C. Applicant Character

Judged by CV/Resume and written application material not to exceed 500 words

1) Leadership (Max score=10)

Plays a current important leadership or managing role in a national, regional, local or institutional organization.

2) Community/School Service (Max score=10)

Demonstrates a consistent commitment to providing community/school service while matriculating at Downstate.

3) Research/Scholarship (Max Score=10)

Demonstrates significant involvement in research projects that result in publications, grant awards, patents etc. This may be during medical school or in the two years preceding medical school.

D. Overcomes significant personal hardship. (Add max of 10 points)

Demonstrates strength of character in the face of adversity and/or difficult personal circumstances.

 Please note: SUNY Downstate no longer uses Foundations grades as part of the selection process. Therefore, Junior AOA is no longer a separate distinction.